Prettiest, Fastest and Slowest Ducks

We had a great duck race weekend.  Thank you for everyone who came out and watched the race, voted on ducks, enjoyed the duck shoot and was able to visit our free book giveaway.  We had fun interacting with all of you.  The parade was a lot of fun as well!  Thank you also to all the businesses that sponsored a duck.  The duck race would literally not happen without you.  Thank you!  
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Rockford Rotary to Giveaway Books at SOS 2021

Promoting literacy is very important to our club.  We started Reading Rocks in Rockford and normally have our Hook a Book tent at that event to giveaway age appropriate children's books.  Reading Rocks was not able to be held this year due to COVID.  In lieu of that event, we will be giving away free age appropriate books to kids at our booth at Start of Summer.  Please stop by our booth (in front of the Rockford Hemp Co in downtown Rockford), vote for the duck you think is the prettiest (drop some money in a jar to help your duck win), participate in the duck shoot and have your child draw a duck to win a free book (everyone is a winner).  We look forward to seeing you on June 12th!
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Rockford Rotary Helps Plant Trees in Memorial Park

On May 1, 2021, Rockford Rotary helped other volunteers and the City of Rockford plant 27 trees in Memorial Park behind the Community Cabin in Downtown Rockford.    The tree planting is in celebration of Arbor Day and is in line with the City's ongoing sustainability program. 
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Rockford Rotary 2021 Big Daddy Duck Race

We have been selling Big Daddy Ducks throughout the spring and have close to 200 entries for the 2021 race. We will race the ducks this year on Saturday June 12th @ 5pm as part of the Start of Summer festivities. It will start at the dam in Rockford and end in Richardson-Sowerby Park on the other side of the bridge.  Please come down and see the race. It is always a  lot of fun, and it is something that you don't see very often (large rubber ducks - many of which are decorated in all different ways - floating down the river).  Come see the ducks before the race as well.  We will display them all day on the 12th.  You can pick a favorite duck and vote for it with money.  The duck with the most money in its jar at the end of the day will win a trophy for the Prettiest Duck in Rockford.  Look for announcements on this website and our facebook page about voting online for each duck.  Online voting starts on May 31st.  We will award trophies for the fastest and slowest ducks in the river race.  Any person or family or business can enter the race.  To enter the race, you need to make a donation of $100 to Rockford Rotary.  It is still not too late to purchase a duck.  If you would like to purchase one, simply fill out our duck request form HERE.  We will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you for supporting Rockford Rotary! 
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