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Saturday June 9th, Rockford Rotary crowned three ducks decorated by local businesses as big winners in the 2018 Big Daddy Duck Race.  The most popular duck was determined by online voting by the public from late May to June 8th.  IPM won the most popular vote with over 1100 votes in this year's contest.  They got a big lead early and just kept pouring on the votes.  The prettiest duck award was determined by the voting public again. This time the method was slightly different.  People at start of summer viewed the ducks at the Rotary booth and voted for their favorite duck with their hard earned money.  We had a close race this year between the Bridge Street Burger Shack, Knape Industries and Rockford's Michael Depres.  Depres had a duck covered with play money. Knape Industries pulled out all the stops with a gold plated duck that included a painting glove for a tail and several cool car emblems on it.  Bill Knape of Knape Industries claimed the plating was fools gold. It turned out he was right because the Bridge Street Burger Shack won it all with a fantastic duck sporting a grill with burgers.  The final prize was for the fastest duck.  The water was high this year, and the river was running fast.  The unofficial time on the course was under 10 minutes. That is over 2 minutes faster than the all time fastest race.  The finish was very, very close.  The Bridge Street Burger Shack almost made history with two awards in one year as it finished an extremely close second to Rockford Accounting's duck.  The 'Shack duck was sneaky with its dual keel, but in the end the accounting duck was just plain faster.  
Thank you everyone for participating in this year's contest.  We really appreciate your support!  
Look for our thank you on Facebook soon. We will post all the businesses logos as an additional thank you for their support. 
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It is time again to start preparing for the Rotary Big Daddy Duck race.  We hold the race yearly at the Start of Summer celebration in Rockford.  The Start of Summer celebration starts the last week of school in Rockford and culminates in a weekend of fun on June 8th, 9th and 10th. 
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November Rockford Rotary Social Event

Bowling at Rockford Lanes, 117 East Bridge St., Rockford 

Monday, November 13, from 6 pm to 9 pm,


We have 4 lanes reserved.  2 games and shoes for $6.00 per person for Rotarians and family.  Guests are welcome and are FREE

Please stop by even if you do not want to bowl or can not stay very long. 

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The Rotary Club of Rockford Michigan sponsors or hosts several events throughout the year. 
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The annual Rockford Rotary BBQ is September 22-24!
Come on out to enjoy Rockford's Harvest Festival and have lunch and dinner with Rotary!  The event is Friday, Saturday & Sunday - September 22 - 24, 2017 at the Rotary Pavilion in downtown Rockford -  across from Arnie's.
There is so much to enjoy in downtown Rockford like good weather, Harvest Festival activities and delicious pulled pork meals served up by local Rotarians!   We appreciate all who pre-purchase tickets which helps us to better plan for the BBQ.   You can buy tickets ahead of time from any Rockford Rotarian or, you can buy them at the event.
Tickets are $9 and the meal includes:  A pulled pork sandwich, beans and coleslaw.  
            BBQ Hours are:
Friday -            11 am -  8 pm
Saturday -       11 am -  8 pm
Sunday -          11 am -  3 pm
The Rotary BBQ is one the club's main fundraisers and your support helps them create lasting change in communities around the world.
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Rockford Rotary is investigating claims that a "juiced" Big Daddy Duck has been spotted in the river the day before the Big Daddy Duck race.  Residents were alarmed to see a Big Daddy Duck moving "unnaturally fast" down the river.  One woman claimed that it was able to turn sharply to avoid objects and even seemed to back up at one point.  A local man added his own observations stating that the duck seemed to "have a mind of its own".  He said it was "disturbing" how quickly and smoothly it moved.  Wild rumors circulated that Bill Knape of Knape Industries in Rockford was responsible.  Rockford Rotary immediately dispatched volunteers to the dam area.  However, the spotters only found the usual array of healthy turtles swimming and enjoying themselves.  Rest assured we will keep an eye on the situation and check all race competitors thoroughly before Saturday's 6 p.m. race.  Come downtown Saturday and help us spot the "juiced" duck. 
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Club president: Jason Parker
President Elect: Lisa Boyd
Treasurer: Brian McNamara
Song Leader: Ted Sees
Seargent at Arms: Ryan Kelley
Life Leadership Chair: Open
Youth Exchange: Jon Loux
Club Administration: Ramona Hinton
Foundation Chair : Ted Sees
Membership: Tom Visser
Secretary: Erik Luxhoj
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Rockford Rotary thanks these local businesses for supporting the Big Daddy Duck Race 2016-06-05 04:00:00Z 0
Five more Rockford area businesses jump into the Big Daddy Duck Race! 2016-05-05 04:00:00Z 0
Rockford Rotary thanks the following businesses for kicking off the 2016 Big Daddy Duck Race! 2016-04-28 04:00:00Z 0
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The Rockford and Cedar Springs Rotary Clubs presented a $6000 check to North Kent Community Services earlier this month.
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Doug Taatjes, a specialist in Western Michigan Commercial Real Estate, presented to our club at the January 13th noon meeting.  Doug did a great job of informing our members and getting us up to date on all the latest developments in Western Michigan Commercial real estate. Join us at our next meeting for another great speaker.  We would love to meet and get to know you.  
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Posted on Oct 06, 2014
Rockford Rotary held its annual duck race back in June at the Rockford start of summer celebration. 
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Posted on Oct 05, 2014
Rockford Rotary held it's annual BBQ fund raiser during harvest fest this year.  Lots of people came to downtown Rockford to enjoy the good weather, all the Harvest Fest activities and some delicious pulled pork served up by local Rotarians!  The Kraker mobile was fired up
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