Every vote definitely counts! In an extremely close race, the Wilson & Wilson Dentistry duck finished just ahead of Delight in Design’s duck by 34 votes to win the Most Popular Duck in Rockford trophy.  Wow!  The Wilson & Wilson Dentistry duck will receive a traveling trophy to display at their place of business for a year. 
We aren’t finished yet though.  The Delight in Design duck has a chance for revenge this week as the Prettiest Duck in Rockford trophy will be up for grabs at Start of Summer Celebration put on by the Rockford Chamber of Commerce. Come to our booth in downtown Rockford (in front of Rockford Hemp Company - corner of Squire and East Bridge Street - June 11th and 12th) to vote for your favorite duck.  All you have to do is put money in the jar of the duck you think is the prettiest. Whichever duck has the most money by 4 p.m. on Saturday (June 12th) will be crowned the prettiest duck.  
You can view some of the decorated ducks here: DECORATED DUCKS GALLERY.   If your duck's picture is not shown, please email it to us at troop2074@gmail.com.  We will be happy to post it as soon as possible.
Top 5 vote getters:
- Wilson & Wilson Dentistry - 1636
- Delight in Design - 1602
- Young Insurance - 1051
- Integrity Tax Group Rockford - 906
- Integrity Tax Group GR North - 554
There will be GAMES - PRIZES - BOOKS for the kids at the booth so stop by and enjoy the fun!