Girl Rubber Duck


Its that time of year again. Join the Rockford Rotary for our annual Big Daddy Duck Race held on Saturday June 10th at 6:00 pm during Rockford’s Start of Summer Celebration event. Watch your duck compete for fastest duck as it starts at the Rockford dam and finishes at Richardson-Sowersby Park. Two trophies will be given out - one for the fastest and the other for best decorated. Cost of entry into the competitions is $100. All donations and entry funds for the Big Daddy Duck Race are tax deductible and will go towards one of the many local charities and services that the Rockford Rotary help fund including Reading Rocks (the annual literacy promotion festival hosted by the Rockford Public Library), Rockford InterACT (our local Rotary club for high school students), STRIVE (mentoring program for high school students in need), sponsoring students for the Life Leadership Conference held every year in June (we sponsor 5 or 6 students from RHS to attend) and North Kent Community Services. Globally, proceeds will go towards clean water projects in the Dominican Republic and ending Polio worldwide.  
Order your duck here: Big Daddy Duck Order Form.