May is flying by which means that the Duck race is right around the corner.  If you are not sure what a Big Daddy Duck race is, here is the short version: we talk to local businesses and convince them to support our club by donating $100 per duck for the race. They then get a 10" rubber duck to decorate and participate in the race. The participating businesses will have the duck displayed at our booth at Start of Summer (we get a lot of traffic!), they will have their duck in the parade, they will have their logo on our website for 1 year, and they can participate in Duck Prize to see which duck is the most popular in Rockford (online voting).  We will award trophies for fastest, prettiest and slowest duck as well.  
The event is not just for businesses.  If you or your family want to sponsor a duck, just let us know.
If you want in on this fun event, please contact any Rockford Rotarian and ask them for a duck. Or you can click on the button below to go to the request form. Once the form has been submitted, a Rotarian will contact you. Thanks! 
More info for participants: 
* To participate in the online voting ducks need to be turned in by May 31st. There are several drop off points in Rockford including the Chamber of Commerce offices, the Edge Barbershop and Knape Industries on Northland drive. 
* Online voting begins June 1st.  Tell your friends to vote for your duck.  Online voting will continue for 10 days.  The duck with the most votes at the end of voting will be crowned as the most popular duck in Rockford.  Look for the voting form link here.  Ducks will be displayed in downtown Rockford and area businesses. You can also vote for your favorite ducks using the QR code on the race posters posted around town. 
* Keep an eye out for the Big Huge Daddy Duck around town.  Feel free to take pictures of the Big Huge Duck (23' tall) and post them on social media. Please tag the photos with #rockfordmirotary #bigdaddyduck.  Have fun!
* Stop by our booth at Start of Summer to see all the ducks. 
* The duck race itself will take place on June 15th at the dam in Rockford at 6 p.m.  Spectators can watch the ducks finish in Richardson-Sowerby Park.  It takes the ducks about 12 minutes to go from the start line to the line in the water at the park.  Everyone is welcome!
* If participants are not going to have their ducks voted on during the Duck Prize portion of the event, please turn your duck in by June 13th for display on the Rotary float. 
Here is one of the ducks from this year.  This one was created by our President (Ted Sees). He owns Rockford Family Eyecare. If you love Game of Thrones and love his duck, please vote for him when the online voting begins.