The Rockford Rotary 2017 Duck Race was completed last night around 6:16 p.m. After waiting about 12 minutes, the crowd gathered on the walking bridge and in the park saw a bunch of ducks round the bend for the last straight away.  As the group of ducks closed on the finish line, two ducks were out in front: the Rockford Housing Commission's Red/White and Blue duck and an anonymous well painted duck with a suspicious helicoptor implanted in its head.  The Housing Commission duck lead the whole way, but its victory was not without drama.  The lead duck snagged on a low hanging branch just 15 feet from the finish line.  This stumble allowed the helicoptor duck to close the gap.  Just when it looked like the Housing Commission duck would suffer a heart breaking defeat, it pulled free of the branch and zipped to the noodle line.   Tragedy turned to triumph as everyone celebrated the drama filled finish.  The Rockford Housing Commission will receive a beautiful wood carved trophy to display in their lobby for a year.
2017 Fastest Duck
Earlier in the day, the prettiest duck trophy was claimed by Herman's Boy sandwich decorated duck.  The duck had a bun for a hat and lettuce and cheese on its back.   Herman's Boy will receive the huge prettiest duck traveling trophy to display in its store for a year.    (We will post a picture of the Herman's Boy duck as soon as we can round one up).
You can see some more pictures of the race here: 2017 Duck Race Photos.